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AudioDriver's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 11 (From 4 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 100 Points

Dino Shift 2

You're a Star Unlocked 3/14/14
5 Points
Obtain a 3 Star rating on any level.
Creative 5 Points Create and save a level in the Editor.
The Floor is Lava 10 Points Jump on 3 Knobs in a row without touching the ground.
The End 25 Points Complete every level.
Perfection 100 Points Obtain a 3 Star rating on every level.

Medals Earned: 1/5 (5/145 points)


Boss Assassin Unlocked 3/8/14
5 Points
Beat a miniboss !
Boss Slained Unlocked 3/8/14
5 Points
Beat your first boss !
Couple Screws Unlocked 3/8/14
5 Points
Kill 10 Cyber Dino
Drill Twist Unlocked 3/8/14
5 Points
Dodge 15 drills on stage 2
Remote Mines Unlocked 3/8/14
5 Points
Kill the Miniboss of Stage 2
Victory Unlocked 3/8/14
5 Points
Complete a stage and get your first medal.
Shiny Medal Unlocked 3/8/14
10 Points
Get a Silver medal !
Axe Particles 5 Points Destroy 5 Axes while they're in mid-air
Car Parts 5 Points Destroy 10 Turret Troopers
Cold Massacre 5 Points Kill 10 Eskimo Hunter
Enemy Down 5 Points Kill 15 Troopers
Munition Shell 5 Points Buy your first gun in the upgrade shop !
Need More Ammo 5 Points Buy 3 Guns in the upgrade shop !
Ship Abort 5 Points Kill 10 Laser Beam Ship
Space Invaders 5 Points Kill 10 Invaders on stage 4
Spider Food 5 Points Kill 15 Spider Mines
Dead Blocks 10 Points Kill the Miniboss of Stage 4
Frosty Worm 10 Points Kill Stage 3's miniboss
Jurassic Hunter 10 Points Kill Stage 2's boss
Worthy Stats 10 Points Use 2 stats points or more in every Skill
Billionaire 25 Points Max your Income skill
Boss Killer 25 Points Beat 3 bosses !
Chemical Nuke 25 Points Buy ALL Guns in the upgrade shop.
Double Jump 25 Points Max your Jump skill
Fastest Gunner 25 Points Max your Reload skill
Full HP 25 Points Max your Health skill
Gold Teeth 25 Points Get a Gold Ribbon Medal !
Golden Eye 25 Points Obtain the Golden Gun !
Golden Shower 25 Points Get Gold Ribbons for all Stages !
Gun Powder 25 Points Buy 5 Guns in the upgrade shop !
Max Level 25 Points Get to Level 12
Boss Slayer 100 Points Beat all 4 bosses and complete the game !

Medals Earned: 7/32 (40/500 points)

Nothing To Hide

BE SOMEBODY Unlocked 3/8/14
5 Points
Run away, and begin your escape.
Support & Share 5 Points Support us, or share this satire of social media on social media.
Self Surveillance 10 Points Complete the "Moving iEye" levels
Slidewalking 25 Points Complete the "Slidewalk" levels
An Act of Activation 50 Points Complete the "Activating iEye" levels
BE NOBODY 100 Points Yay, you completed the whole demo! You dissident!

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/195 points)

Nunchuck Charlie

Finish Chapter 1 Unlocked 3/27/14
25 Points
Complete all the levels in Chapter 1!
Finish Chapter 2 Unlocked 3/27/14
25 Points
Complete all the levels in Chapter 2!
Dont give Mr Pink the blues 25 Points Avoid the temptation of hitting mr.Pink!
Find 3 gnomes 25 Points Find three of the hidden gnomes!
Find 6 gnomes 25 Points Find six of the hidden gnomes!
Finish Chapter 3 25 Points Finish all the levels in Chapter 3!
Find 9 gnomes 50 Points Find all of the hidden gnomes!
Get a multiplier higher than 50 50 Points Build up your multiplier higher than 50!
Score 20 in Super Deluxe Space Avoider 50 Points Score 20 or higher in the mini-game 'Super Deluxe Space Avoider'!
Score higher than 2 500 000 50 Points Get a score greater than 2 500 000!
Smash all the watermelons 50 Points Find and smash all of the watermelons hidden in Chapter 2!
Forgive and forget 100 Points You will know what this means when you see it.

Medals Earned: 2/12 (50/500 points)