The Plan

2014-01-09 22:16:49 by AudioDriver

Remember when I said I only uploaded about 65% of my music to SoundCloud? Well that is for a reason, not just because I'm lazy, which I am. My SoundCloud has become a place for only some of my songs because it's followers are mainly in it for the Hardstyle. So basically anything esle I upload gets pushed to the side with barely any plays. I feel that Newgrounds is the PERFECT place for me to share, collaborate, explore and learn from the other very talented producers here. I've seen and heard some of the stuff on here and it is absolutely amazing!Here comes the plan I have loads of unreleased tracks that never went anywhere, but I recon they are still worth sharing and I, from what I have heard so far, think people with appreciate them.So, my goal here is to try and upload at least one track per week, hopefully every Friday afternoon. They wont be in any particular order, I just want to get them out there, but not all in one huge clump of uploads. My tracks can vary from 30 sec to 6 min, and the genres, well, at the moment, I have Caesar Salad of genres, so expect the unexpected. If you want to join the journey, consider following me and you'll get something fresh and unique to listen to every week.


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