My Newgrounds merch

2014-03-14 07:52:06 by AudioDriver

Today I got an awesome parcel in the mail.... it was the merchandise I ordered from the Newgrounds Store! It came a lot earlier than I was expecting so I had no idea what it was at first. I am extremely happy with the quality of the posters and t-shirt, they all so threw in a few extra goodies for free which was nice. I don't know why they shut down the store, but I am REALLY glad I decided to get this stuff at the last minute. It was so cheap, about $25 for a t-shirt and 4 posters, usually just one custom t-shirt is $25.

Thanks Newgrounds, you are awesome :)4902980_139478141642_image.jpeg

The Plan

2014-01-09 22:16:49 by AudioDriver

Remember when I said I only uploaded about 65% of my music to SoundCloud? Well that is for a reason, not just because I'm lazy, which I am. My SoundCloud has become a place for only some of my songs because it's followers are mainly in it for the Hardstyle. So basically anything esle I upload gets pushed to the side with barely any plays. I feel that Newgrounds is the PERFECT place for me to share, collaborate, explore and learn from the other very talented producers here. I've seen and heard some of the stuff on here and it is absolutely amazing!Here comes the plan I have loads of unreleased tracks that never went anywhere, but I recon they are still worth sharing and I, from what I have heard so far, think people with appreciate them.So, my goal here is to try and upload at least one track per week, hopefully every Friday afternoon. They wont be in any particular order, I just want to get them out there, but not all in one huge clump of uploads. My tracks can vary from 30 sec to 6 min, and the genres, well, at the moment, I have Caesar Salad of genres, so expect the unexpected. If you want to join the journey, consider following me and you'll get something fresh and unique to listen to every week.

The Beginning

2014-01-09 21:00:26 by AudioDriver

Hello Newgrounds community!

I'm AudioDriver, a music producer from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I am brand new to this website, I've seen it around before here and there but I've never known it's full awesomeness until recently. I just bought Castle Crashers from Steam on Boxing Day and instantly fell in love with everything about it, especially the music, and when I found out it was crowdsourced from Newgrounds, I knew I had to get a slice of this action.

So here I am...

I feel like before I go any further, I should share some of my musical background with anyone reading this (probably no one). I started mucking around on Garage Band when I was in year 6. This urge to dabble in music production was sparked by the magical, musical wonder known as Hardsyle. Basically everything I learned about music from there had its foundations in Hardstyle, so excuse me if I slap a filthy reverse bass kick in an orchestral track... old habits. Skip ahead about 4 years and I sign up with AudioDraft to enter contests, earn some money and stretch my production skills. Many contests later, I do a Cert III at Boxhill TAFE run by a games company in Queensland called Lightmare Studios who offered me to make the music for their new game Infinity Wars after listening to my previous work. Ever since then I have loved making music for games. I should mention that when I was a kid, I used to play games such as Donkey Kong Counrtry 2: Diddy Kong's Quest, Pilotwings, Mario, Crash Bandicoot, Pokemon, Metal Arms, Earthbound etc. so when making music for games, I naturally look to these for inspiration.

So that was my little introduction rant, if you actually read it, congratulations.

I'm already excited to get started on here and start exploring. The journey has begun.

My links

SoundCloud - Where I upload 65% of my music.Facebook - To keep fans updated on what I'm doing.Youtube - Only the best of the best gets uploaded here. Its very time consuming making the videos, but its worth it.Instagram - I try to make it usefull, but I end up just uploading pics of cats and pretty clouds.